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Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family
- We’re gonna be kings!

Natalie Dormer at the Christian Dior Fashion Show, September 26


good news, everyone: dogs

Medicine | Daughter


hannibal in blue



Styx was the name of the underground river that separated Earth from the Underworld, but was also the name of the goddess who personified it. Meaning “spite”, the goddess was the personification of hate itself. The daughter of titans Oceanus and Tethys, she was one of the four underworld rivers. For providing aid to Zeus during the coup of the Titanomachy, she was given the mantle as the goddess of oaths. Those who could bear the pain that came under the river would become reborn and invulnerable as was the case of famous heroes such as Achilles. To go against an oath sworn upon the river Styx meant suffering the cruel consequences of the punishment and pain that flowed through the river itself. 

Wait for what? What are you waiting for?
The cancer to come back.

My mum has been an influence on me in the way that she is a very independent woman who never has to fall back or rely on other people and she can always find her own way.

My God, the universe is random, it’s chaos. It’s subatomic particles and endless pings, collision – that’s what science teaches us.

CONDENSED FANGIRL CHALLENGE: 1/10 television shows
oh, my baby blue.


really all you need to know about the american health care system is that there’s a popular tv series where a man turns to cooking industrial quantities of crystal meth in order to pay his hospital bills


buffy rewatch School Hard  (2.03)

she asks why your chest is
a belfry of doves, all

she is star-child, good-future,
you are too old to know better but
too young to do good, you are
the scrape of a knee,
you are broken teeth

she asks why you’re the sound of seven thousand seams,
all splitting infinitely, why good lord but your laughter
sounds an awful lot
like screams

but when you were eight your mama told you
that bodies are always rotting and only the clean ones see god
and you’ve been trying to distill yourself ever since
trying to scrub out all this earth and solvent
maybe somewhere in all that frantic
you accidentally lost your way maybe
somewhere in all that tragic
you accidentally forgot your name

see the truth you are suffocating under the stagelights
of everyone else’s eyes
because goddamn but they want everything from you
and not a single word of complaint but
how are you supposed to be
both the canvas
and the paint

you want to rip yourself up and hold out your
frozen tundra soul
beg them all ‘is this good enough is
this perfect enough is this

Monotomic Gold: Part 1/9 in a series // r.i.d (via inkskinned)